2018 AGM

The annual general meeting (AGM) of CPA Australia is due to be held on Tuesday 22 May. The notice of meeting and proxy form for the AGM will be despatched to members as soon as possible but at least 21 days before the AGM as required under S249H of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and the Constitution.

CPA Australia will provide a proxy form to each member at the same time that it provides the notice of meeting for the AGM, as required by section 249L of the Corporations Act and Articles 22(a), 34(a) and 34(c) of CPA Australia’s Constitution. The form of the proxy will allow the member to direct the proxy to vote on the resolutions.  

If members wish to propose resolutions for consideration at the AGM, then members should ensure that any resolutions and any statements are proposed in compliance with the Corporations Act and the Constitution. While members will need to satisfy themselves with respect to the requirements (including but not limited to S249N, 249O and 249P of the Corporations Act), any resolution and /or statement must be:

  • with respect to a matter within the competency of the members. For example, can’t be with respect to a matter within the directors’ powers
  • proposed by members with at least 5 per cent of the vote that can be cast on the resolution or at least 100 members who are entitled to vote at a general meeting – proposing members must sign the relevant notice/s that meet the notice requirements
  • received no later than Wednesday 21 March
  • no more than 1000 words.  Please take care that the requests made are not defamatory as a company does not need to comply with requests that are defamatory. It is important that member requests are considered. 

CPA Australia has created a form (DOC) to assist members to submit any resolutions – this is not a mandatory form.

    CPA Australia will include valid notices of proposed resolutions and statements in its notice of meeting for the AGM. We may speak to members before inclusion of any resolution or statement if there is, for example, any ambiguity in what is proposed. 

    2017 AGM

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